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Our Services

We provide innovative solutions to sell or buy green gas and electricity. Working closely with both renewable producers and large energy users, we understand what works.

Purchase Agreements

We know how to ensure renewable generators have received 100% of the income they are owed through detailed PPA reviews including subsidies and all embedded benefits.

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Onsite or Distributed Generation

Let us walk you through the practicalities of project feasibility, development, installation, operation and maintenance across a range of technologies from solar to wind and others.


We understand that maximising output is perhaps more important than focusing solely on the unit rate. Our experts can assess your technology and control systems to help minimise downtime, and implement more rigorous conditioning monitoring and optimisation.

Your Process

We conduct technical feasibility studies for small scale on-site renewable technologies from planning through to operations.

We’ll develop a financial business case for your asset based on our energy market insight and understanding of the Technical Assessment.

Let us develop and execute your offtake strategy to maximise revenue through traditional PPAs, corporate PPAs, gas to grid or corporate GPAs.

Our sensor technology combined with 24/7 bureau operation enables us to monitor and optimise the performance of your assets.

We constantly review your generation and revenue position against agreed benchmarks and the market to ensure accountability of your off-take strategy.

Sector Expertise

Optimising commercial office buildings,  providing a typical ROI in less than 12 months for most clients. 

Optimising plant and process to drive productivity and lower costs within 12 months. 


Optimising reliability and efficiency through full service energy and control solutions.

Helping you protect the public purse, with tight budgets, year on year efficiencies and total accountability.

Partnering with hoteliers to reduce a major operating cost (energy) whilst enhancing the guest experience.

Connecting retail sites nationally to deliver energy efficiency, cost savings and minimise maintenance call out fees through a Bureau service.

Delivering healthy, productive environments with an ROI of less than 12 months.

Maximising revenue streams and asset integrity for generators.

About Optimised Energy

The export of renewable energy is subject to the complexities of the wider UK energy platform and volatile market drivers. If you’ve been used to standard fixed price purchase agreements from utilities or brokers, you’re not realising the full value of the renewable energy you produce. From anaerobic digestion to wind and solar, Optimised Energy's award winning Renewables Team can help you get the highest price for the energy you generate, whilst protecting you from the risk of market downturns..

Your approach is energy, renewed.

Transparent, specialist energy expertise that cuts the risk of energy buying and cuts the cost of your energy.
Our award-winning team will help you maximise on your investment in renewables and deliver a return.


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