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Our Services for Renewable Generators

Optimised Renewables is the renewable energy advisory and engineering division of the Optimised Group. Offering a full range of asset optimisation, advisory and trading and risk management services, the team supports renewable generators around the world to develop, optimise and monetise renewable energy.

  • Visual inspections

  • Blade inspections

  • Endoscopic gear box inspections

  • Endoscopic main bearing inspections

  • Oil and grease sampling analysis

  • End of Warranty

  • Periodic health assessments

  • Condition Monitoring

We offer the full range of wind turbine technical inspection services.


We have experience with the majority of turbine makes and models, both onshore and offshore, including Enercon, Gamesa, Acciona, Bonus, GE, NEG, Nordex, Senvion, Siemens and Vestas

Wind Asset
  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Owner’s engineer services

  • Pre-feasibility and Full Feasibility Studies

  • Turbine Technology Review

  • Repowering

  • PPA revenue recovery

  • FiT, RHI & ROC Subsidy Management

Our team has operated in the renewables industry for over 15 years, providing a range of consulting services to renewable developers and OEMs. We have conducted wind due diligence assignments, contributed to specialist teams involved in floating wind and other technology ventures, and provided solar feasibility and owners engineer services. We continue to bring diverse but specialist services to the wind, solar and AD industries.

  • Power Purchase Agreements

  • Corporate green energy arrangements (cPPA's and cGPA's)

  • Bespoke trading and risk management strategies

  • Renewable Energy Certification services (REGO and Green Gas)

Trading & Risk

We have experience sourcing and negotiating corporate green energy arrangements for large UK energy users. This includes one of the first Green Gas Purchase Agreements of its kind completed in 2020. We are registered with the Green Gas Trading certification scheme to enable the management of green gas certificates. If you aspire to 100 x 100 renewable energy then we can help you strategise and work towards this ambitious goal as part of your Net Zero plan.

Our Expertise

Craig Gordon

Head of Renewables

Craig has 15 years experience as a wind power engineer with experience in the development of utility scale wind farms and has formerly run his own technical consultancy in wind energy and been Global Head of Inspections for a market leading renewable energy consultancy. Craig is responsible for coordinating wind turbine asset inspections, including intrusive borescope assessments, drive train vibration assessments, external and internal blade inspections, as well as factory inspections and turbine technology reviews. He has track record in negotiations with OEMs on behalf of asset owners spanning from single project owners to large international developers and his expertise in onshore and offshore wind turbines, drive train tribology, vibration assessment and Root Cause Analysis, and wind turbine End of Life assessments.

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Craig Gordon

Callum Gingell

Wind Turbine Inspection Engineer

Callum has 8 years experience as a wind turbine quality and service technician operating on a broad range of turbine makes and models. He is a multi-skilled technician and, team lead and quality inspector having worked on a range of sites including Windpark Bokrum II, Swancor Formosa Offshore, Merkyr OWF, Broom Hill, Walkway, Red House, Longpark, Gordon Bush, Langley and Rusholm. Previously Callum has held roles in quality assurance and snagging on a range of developments including Nordex, SGRE, Vattenfall and Vestas turbines. He also has a track record in retrofitting of condition monitoring technologies for asset optimisation and experience both on and offshore in leadership roles responsible for installation of various components, health and safety and quality control.

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Callum Gingell

Cian O'Donnell

Head of Client Services 

Cian has a civil engineering background before specialising in renewable energy with over 10 years experience working with renewable investors and developers to manage subsidies, and develop revenue optimisation strategies through Power and Gas Purchase Agreements. Cian also offers technical assistance to biogas developers from conception, through construction and commissioning to the ever-important operational phase. He has arranged various innovative long-term export contracts to match bespoke funding requirements for large UK solar and wind installations. Also developed innovative solutions for corporate green gas purchase agreements, including management of a 60GWh arrangement with a top London based commercial real estate development. Cian has a strong background working with leading retailers, manufacturers and renewable generators. His client-first’ approach has meant that we have a 100% retention rate of our renewable client base to date.

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Cian O'Donnell

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The export of renewable energy is subject to the complexities of the wider UK energy platform and volatile market drivers. If you’ve been used to standard fixed price purchase agreements from utilities or brokers, you’re not realising the full value of the renewable energy you produce. From anaerobic digestion to wind and solar, Optimised Energy's award winning Renewables Team can help you get the highest price for the energy you generate, whilst protecting you from the risk of market downturns..

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