5 ways to save energy with your Christmas shutdown

Give your office a present this Christmas. Give it a proper break.

Christmas. A time for peace and goodwill to all things except, typically, your office. It’s not that most workplaces don’t have plans in place for an energy efficient Christmas shutdown, but in the mad dash to get finished in time for deadline, it’s often the little things that get missed.

So here are 5 quick energy saving wins to ensure that as you happen to drive past on the 27th, you don’t find your office lit up like a Christmas tree.

  1. Switch off the lights: Easy if the lights are motion activated, more laborious if not but still worth doing, even if every light in your workplace is LED. Remember to unplug any Christmas lights too.

  2. Turn down the temperature: You may have already set up a holiday mode for the HVAC system, but make sure it’s activated and matches this year’s Christmas opening hours. Even a reduction of a single degree can cut fuel consumption by 8%, so dropping the temperature to a frost control setting when the building is unoccupied can generate significant savings. Note: Ensure all doors and windows are closed to ensure heating systems don’t have to consume more energy than necessary to heat your space.

  3. Switch off unessential equipment: Photocopiers, printers, water coolers and vending machines don’t need to be left on standby. Add monitors into the mix (the one item of electrical equipment more likely to be left on standby than any other) and you could cut the building’s energy consumption dramatically. Note: If you do switch off the water cooler or boiler, leave a note to remind whoever switches it on again to run off several cups of water (about 10 should do it) to clear the system of stale water.

  4. Provide alternatives for Christmas workers: You could switch all boilers, coolers and vending machines back on to serve your skeleton Christmas staff, or you could provide a kettle and a generous selection of teas, coffees and hot chocolates and leave everything else off. You’ll boost goodwill whilst keeping energy consumption low. 

  5. Get everyone involved: Leave switching everything off to the estates team and you could still be flicking switches come Boxing Day. Make every member of the team responsible for their immediate area and ensure someone is assigned to switch off kettles, microwaves etc in communal areas. Ensuring consistency is often the greatest challenge, so send every member of the team an energy saving checklist to run through before they leave for the holidays

Then, with your office safely in hibernation mode, have a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Optimised Energy.

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