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Since Optimised Energy was founded in 2002, the world has undergone enormous changes. We’ve experienced the ten hottest years in UK recorded history, witnessed devastating wildfires around the world, discovered plastic particles in the arctic snow, and learned that we’ve lost an average of 50% of the planet’s wildlife in just two generations.

It’s now very clear that mankind’s activities are having a significant impact on the planet, and that climate change is a very real threat to the way we live. Consistent global temperature rises, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, and a growing number of extreme weather events have raised public and government awareness of the need to take immediate action.


Sustainability Report 2019


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This report contains the following:
• An overview of the Global Goals
• Our strategy
• Our commitments
• Our actions
• Our progress

The Global Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals - also known as the Global Goals or the SDGs. Achieving these would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change by 2030.

These goals cannot be achieved without the support of the business community. Every business, large and small, needs to contribute to their success. We are well positioned to contribute to a number of these goals, and to play a part in the generation of sustainable growth.

Our Strategy

The Global Goals have been described as the world’s to-do list. Our sustainable business strategy is based around our plans to contribute to these goals.

To help us understand where we can make the greatest difference, we carried out a materiality assessment to consider our ability to contribute to each goal as well as its significance to our business and stakeholders.

As a result of this assessment, we’ve chosen to focus on three goals that are highly relevant to our business and that we feel especially passionate about.

7 Affordable and Clean Energy

As a full service energy consulting firm serving the UK’s largest energy users, we are ideally positioned to focus on affordable and clean energy.

8 Decent Work ad Economic Growth

The skills and knowledge of our employees are the bedrock of our business, and we are committed to providing them with excellent working conditions.

12 Responsbile Consumption and Production

We believe that all businesses must act to minimise their use of our planet’s finite resources, no matter how big or small.

Our Commitments

We are making a meaningful commitment to address our three selected goals. Each of these commitments is underpinned by ambitious targets.

The United Nations (UN) have defined 169 targets to support the SDGs. The annual targets for our business are aligned with those set by the UN.

7 Affordable and Clean Energy

We will reduce our clients’ energy consumption and costs through energy efficiency projects and utility bill validation / cost recovery exercises and offer renewable energy contracts as an alternative through our Procurement service. We are also committed to ensuring that 100% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources by 2020.

8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

We will provide excellent working conditions and promote well-being for all employees by improving the office environment and enhancing staff policies.

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

We will improve our environmental impact by reducing our consumption, adhering to a responsible sourcing policy, and reducing our total carbon emissions by 10% by 2020.

"The next 12 months promise to be an exciting time for Optimised Energy and our customers. We are growing rapidly and our strategy to be a sustainable business is at the heart of our plans."

James Wood (Managing Director)

Our Commitments

1 No Poverty
2 Zero Hunger
3 Good Health and Well-being
4 Quality Education
14 Life Below Water


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